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Custom Game Development

Do you have a fun idea or need a game designed for your company? You have the vision and we work together with you to bring your vision to life - Working in small development sprints we work and report back to you in bi-weekly sprints to ensure your game comes out to meet and even better your expectations. We also offer hosting packages included in the development costs of multiplayer games. We create games for Android, iOS, PC and Hololens.

Custom Mobile Application Development

We create custom mobile applications to meet your business needs, from branding solutions to streamlining your company workflow for better efficiency. We offer hosting solutions for our mobile applications that require network capabilities, this includes the development and deployment of custom servers and databases.

Engage Customers with Chatbots

Smart chatbots for smart social media. Lo and behold! A new wave of technology is preparing to crash down upon the unsuspecting consumer. Chatbots are surging towards our conversations at breakneck speed! We offer Artificial Intelligence chatbots to help relieve your customer support of unnecessary strain by having our chatbots answer questions and ENGAGE your userbase. We offer different chatbot solutions, from A.I. with knowledge on your products to advanced chatbots with personalities for celebrities and governments. We work together with other industry leaders to create an astounding end result.

Tailor-made Website Design

We offer responsive, smart websites that engage and keep your audience interested - through sleek, modern aesthetics featuring advanced features. We tailor make our custom websites to suit your needs and to satisfy your pallet for astounding beauty. Included in our packages is hosting and follow up support, so you won't be left in the dark.

Marketing and Branding Solutions

You might have the best product in the world, but without great marketing you won't have any customers who know about you. Word of mouth is what a lot of failing businesses rely on, the best way to truly succeed and grow is to get out there and show the world that you're ready for them. We offer advanced marketing and branding solutions, offering professional advice as well as advertising to meet your online business needs.

Logos and Branding

We listen to all your specifications and design three initial concepts for you to choose from - from there, listening to your feedback and taking our professional experience, we work together with you to create an identity for your company, business or app. We truly involve you in the design process and love to hear from you. We also offer re-branding solutions for companies with an existing identity, companies who want to modernize their business without loosing their identities. Instead showing their customers that their brand is ever growing and alive.

We create modern icons

So how does it work?

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Take a look at our selection of services and get an idea of the estimated costs - once you know what you want or would like to find out more, use the contact form below and tell us more about yourself and your company - the needs that you have, and we'll take care of it!

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Once you've received a proposal or quote from us, it's as simple as accepting the quote and paying the deposit. Then we get to work and report back to you in bi-weekly periods - for longer projects - or bi-hourly to daily reports for our shorter projects.

Receive your product and followup support

Once we're done you receive your product with all permissions associated, without any royalties. You also receive follow-up support and updates from us, where applicable for the following days to months - so you're not left in the dark.

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